About Her Berg

Her Berg is a place where nature conservation, sustainable living and community building are integrated.

A mini-reserve where nature has its way.
A refuge where you can a have break from everyday life and rebuild your strength.
A hub for creative minds where you can organise all kind of events that contribute to personal development of people.
A stop-over where you can enjoy meditation, yoga and delicious, natural and vegan food and be inspired.
An experiment, where we explore answers and questions with regard to the challenges of our lifetime.

Welcome, our door is always open.

We are creating a home with a piece of nature or rather nature with a piece of home.

With more than fifty percent of our global population living in urban areas and increasing pressure on our ecological systems one could almost forget we are all coming from… nature.

An impression

Who owns Her Berg?

Her Berg is not a property that belongs to us personally. We don’t own it, we don’t make profit out of it. Her Berg belongs to everyone, we are just the farmers taking care of it by developing, renovating and maintaining the place.

We are in the process of transferring the property to Her Berg Foundation which will be the rightful owner. It is a piece of nature we intend to take off the market, because we believe there should be no price on nature. Our long-term vision is that many other places will follow, carefully preserved by its visitors.

Henrik Looij

personal and organisational development | green energy | international development cooperation | founder of Nature Quest and EyeOpenerWorks.

Developing wisdom and getting things done, I consider finding the right balance between the two a true art.

Anne van Oudheusden

yoga | meditation | vegan cooking | creation in any way | founder of Careibu and Stichting Senior&Student.

Manifesting ideas into reality that contribute to a better world is what gives me most energy. My personal rule is to never be against something but always for something.

Our policy plan in short

Our policy plan for the upcoming three years (2020-2022) can be summarised as follows, with regard to the three mission areas:

1. Nature Conservation
In the upcoming year (2021), Her Berg Foundation is going to purchase more land close to the current estate with the purpose of giving it back to nature. The ambition is to double our land every year. With minimal interventions, trees, plants and animals are supported to exist in their most natural way.

2. Sustainable living
Her Berg Foundation continues its experiment with sustainable living. The guest house, barn and tree house are going to be renovated and built with sustainable building materials. In addition, it is our ambition to be self-contained in every way: energy, water and food. We are going to install solar panels and if possible a small wind energy terminal to supply all demand. Water comes from our own well and a newly constructed pond. Agroforestry is going to supply the food demand as much as possible.

3. Community building
Her Berg Foundation brings more like-minded people together for experiments with the topics above. Every season of the year, one workshop week will be organised by us and other professionals. In addition, Her Berg is open for organising courses and workshops that fit in our mission by others.

Download our complete policy plan for 2020-2022 here.

Chairman - Henrik Looij
Treasurer - Anne van Oudheusden
Secretary - Veerle Devreese
General board member - Jan Reinder Rosing

Remuneration policy
Corresponding with our statutes, none of the board members receive remuneration for their activities for the foundation. We do all the work on a voluntary basis.

Feel free to contact us through the contact form on this website.