with nature

Her Berg is a nature home – for you, for everyone – to escape from the daily hustle and bustle and recharge with new energy. It’s also a breeding ground for nature makers, to develop sustainable projects to restore nature. 

Her Berg is located at the east coast of Sweden, in the beautiful archipelago Sankt Anna.

Our vision

For far too long, we humans have been using more nature than we restore. Nature spots are sold and transformed into places that should generate money or pleasure. Houses, factories or other buildings are built or the land is used for production, unsustainable agriculture or factory farming. If we continue like this, there will be less and less nature left.

With the Her Berg foundation, we buy land off the market, restore nature and make sure it can never be sold again. Because we believe there should be no price on nature. All that matters is the ecological value.

The first Her Berg: Sweden!

The first estate of the Her Berg Foundation is located in the archipelago of Sankt Anna, on the east coast of Sweden.
It was purchased in the summer of 2019 and renovation and restoration are in progress.

Nature restoration
Our main focus for the coming years is to purchase more land near the current nature home in the Sankt Anna archipelago, with the aim to restore and secure it.

Sustainable living
Our accommodations are renovated with environmentally friendly building materials as much as possible, in traditional style. We also aspire to be self-sufficient in terms of energy, water and food in the upcoming years.

Community building
Alone you go faster, together we go far. We and other professionals organise retreats, workshops and other events at Her Berg on the themes of personal development, nature restoration and sustainable living.

Who owns Her Berg?

Her Berg belongs as much to you as to us, we are just taking care of it. We don’t own the nature sites and we don’t make profit out of it. In the end the only owner of Her Berg is nature. We are all just guests.

meet us

Your hosts
We are Henrik Looij and Anne van Oudheusden, two social entrepreneurs from the Netherlands who love nature but – so far – spent most of our time in cities. That gave us the idea to create a home with a piece of nature or rather nature with a piece of home

Foundation board

Henrik Looij - chairman
Anne van Oudheusden - treasurer
Veerle Devreese - secretary
Jan Reinder Rosing - general board member