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Her Berg is also the perfect place to organise your own event. Think of a retreat, meditation week, yoga holiday, workshops… We are open to your ideas! You have your own private area, secluded, very quiet and with a lot of space to organise all kinds of activities. You can book the whole plot and pricing is based on “pay as you like/can”.

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Recharge Retreat
20-24 april 2022
costs: pay as you like/can
number of participants: 6

Take a few moments and ask yourself: “When was the last time I felt deeply rested, clear-minded and full of inspiration?” We believe that you yourself have all the answers inside of you. To find them, during this retreat we break our habitual patterns and allow nature to be our guide. In doing so, we allow ourselves to connect to a deeper place, a wisdom beyond our thinking minds.

By taking the time to invest in our own inner journeys, we allow not only ourselves to evolve, but also to shape the way we impact the world around us. Thus, the purpose of this weekend is to support you in your personal development – wherever you are. And further, to enable you to expand your positive contribution to our world at large. 

At the heart of this retreat is a Solo Quest, 24 hours alone in nature, with basic equipment to keep you warm and dry, but nothing more. An ultimate way of being with yourself.

We start on Wednesday the 20th of April with slowing down to the wisdom of our fire circle. After practical and mental preparation on Thursday morning, we move into nature to find a place to stay for ourselves (individually) for 24 hours.

As we return from nature, we spend the rest of our time together by creating space for insights and new pathways to emerge, as well as enjoy Her Berg in its full glory – filled with friends, yoga, meditation and good (vegan) food.